HERACLES has foreseen the organization of 2 summer/falls schools, in the midterm and towards the end of the project. The schools will allow for mutual learning and knowledge exchange between researchers at the same level in the scientific career, allowing students to learn directly from their peers.

The schools will include:

(1) A session where students can pitch an ‘out-of-the-box’ research idea, explaining how the idea could be achieved through a collaborative project between the consortium organizations;

(2) open doors to virtual visit the facilities of the international partner that organize the summer school by appointment. After each summer school, students will evaluate the course session and will submit a brief report, which will be an added value to the sustainability of the project.

In parallel, HERACLES was the center of the 2018 OPTO-CH summer courses, organized by Forth. This specific summer course is to be found in the OPTO-CH section.