1st Interim Meeting, 7th -9th of November 2016, Heraklion, (GR)

All partners gathered in Heraklion to discuss the progress of the project and the future tasks to achieve

During this 3-days meeting, achievements and progress made by all partners in each WP were presented.


Furthermore, FRAUNHOFER presented the structure of the HERACLES platform through a very detailed “ontology” describing the various facets and workflow; CH assets and sites, climate and weather events, Action, response and preparedness, monitoring and simulation of risks, materials, analysis and sensors, conservation and restoration actions, stakeholders and their roles, data. In this session all partners discussed their point of view on how this platform can accommodate the needs of all partners and WPs while emphasis was given on issues related to: how the data will be handled, who will be in charge to give the data, how to connect the sensors with the platform.


Then, all work package group held a group meeting in which they discussed the progress made in all tasks required by the WP program.


Besides those activities, visit to laboratories and case studies site were programmed.


See enclosed the Minutes of the Meeting.