In the frame of the HERACLES activities, 12 Virtual Courses are schedulded from July 2017 to April 2019.

Those Virtual Courses are aimed to disseminate the HERACLES objectives and the methodology used to achieve it, as well as the obtained results.

They are animated by the partners of the project, through the application, allowing to simultaneously stream slides and audio. Each time a Virtual Course is schedulded, a news announcing it will be published on the HERACLES website and on social media.

For now, 6 courses have already been animated:

Course n° Title of the Course Course made by... Date
1 Guidelines and procedures for CH management CNR 28/07/2017
2 Geomorphological and structural modeling applied to CH management e-Geos and UniPG 19/10/2017
3 Methodologies for Climate Change impact evaluation and risk and vulnerability analysis Forth 23/11/2017
4 Socioeconomic factors in risk analysis Uninova 20/12/2017
5 Satellite and airborne sensing techniques for surveillance and monitoring at territory and site scales e-Geos and CNR 05/04/2018
6 In-Situ sensing technique for subsoil and structures diagnostics CNR 05/04/2018


Below is a tentative agenda of the future 6 Virtual Courses. (Please be aware that this calendar is only indicative.)

Course n° Title of the Course Course made by... Date
7 Technologies for material characterization via laboratory studies and portable instrumentation CNR, Uninova, Forth Nov. 2018
8 Climate change, extreme weather conditions and anthropic pressure modeling Sistema and Aria Nov. 2018
9 The overall chain of the development of new materials from the design to the transfer market CNR Feb. 2019
10 HERACLES platform as a tool for the stakeholders/end-users Leonardo Feb. 2019
11 Guidelines for the definition of procedures for disaster prevention, risk assessment mitigation and      long-term management in CH TIEMS, CNR, Forth March 2019
12 Best practices and recommandations for CH resilience TIEMS April 2019