Convegno Internazionale di Studi “Monitoring and Maintenance of Archaeological Areas”

The latest report issued by the IPCC has confirmed the increase of the climate change effects affecting our planet. The Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (defining a safeguarding strategy for its monuments), in collaboration with public institutions, has reunited at the Curia Iulia the representative of institutions and UNESCO sites, that are actively experimenting methodologies for the management of archaeological areas, for the identifications of the best practices and the most implemented initiatives.


HERACLES was represented as follows:

  • “HERACLES Project: Mission and Vision”. by G. Padeletti (CNR-ISMN) -  poster presentation  
  • “Structural assessment and monitoring of heritage buildings by fusion of satellite InSAR and in-situ data”. Authors:  M. Costantini, S. Falco, F. Trillo, F. Minati (E-GEOS), N. Cavalagli and F. Ubertini (University of Perugia) -  oral presentation