HERACLES will be involved in the 2019 E-MRS IUMRS ICAM Spring Meeting

Such as in 2018, HERACLES will be an important part of the EMRS 2019 Spring Meeting, by being in the center of the Sympoisum BB (Cultural heritage – science, materials and technologies).


This will be the 9th Symposium dedicated to Cultural Heritage (CH) within the E-MRS Spring Meeting Conferences. CH is defined by the Council of Europe “as a resource inherited from the past which people identify, independently of ownership, as a reflection and expression of their constantly evolving values, beliefs, knowledge and traditions”. This shared resource of testimonies, values and know-how constitutes the driving force for promoting identity, cohesion and creativity. The awareness, preservation and dissemination of CH depends strongly on scientific and technological expertise on materials in a dynamic and fruitful cycle within the different scientific fields.


The project will be presented through its advancement and achievements made so far.


Deadline for the abstract submission: 15th January 2019