European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

A European Parliament resolution calls on a Cultural Heritage Year in 2018

The aim of the European Cultural Heritage Year is to share our common cultural heritage and its potential for identification, participation and development with each other in the light of a hetero-geneous European social structure and against the background of current economic challenges.

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It is the best witness to Europe's rich history, which has been strongly influenced by values such as diversity, tolerance and intercultural dialogue. The European Cultural Heritage Year builds in particular upon the fact that our shared cultural heritage is always both local and European. The European Year highlights this dimension and uses it to respond to current challenges. It also builds on new opportunities to preserve and develop cultural heritage while underscoring the need to do so, because our cultural heritage is an essential, unique, irreplaceable part of Europe's social and economic potential which is closely tied to many other areas and is thus the foundation of our shared development in Europe.



The programmatic focus for the year is "Society in Transition", which reflects ongoing and diverse social change in Europe. Three aspects in particular are to be discussed during the European Year: cultural diversity, demographic change and sustainability. This will give the European Year its political and economic relevance.