Universita degli studi di perugia

The University of Perugia founded in 1308 is a leading Italian University currently ranked number 1 in the category of large universities (between 20K and 40Kstudents) by the prestigious CENSIS University ranking.


The research team (RT) of UNIPG participating to HERACLES is composed of researchers affiliated to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and to the CIRIAF Interuniversity Research Center on Pollution and Environment “M. Felli” of the Department of Engineering.

The RT is well prepared for carrying out the research activities envisaged in HERACLES and in particular for: carrying out continuous structural and environmental monitoring and assessment of historic constructions exposed to climate-change related hazards; for the execution of a variety of mechanical and thermal-energy tests on materials and structural specimens; for carrying out in situ non-destructive evaluation tests; for accurate digital electrical measurements; for casting, inspecting and testing nanocomposite materials and more.


Università degli Studi di Perugia piazza Università, 1