ARIA Technologies SA is a consulting and software development company, fully dedicated to the study of the atmospheric environment. Since its foundation in 1990, ARIA has developed several areas of business: air pollution simulation modelling systems for industrial sites, cities regions and governments, micro-meteorological modelling for renewables, GHG emission inventories and global models for Climate Change adaptation and mitigation studies.

ARIA has collaborated since its beginning with governmental sectors, essentially in France, but also with public research institutes and main laboratories in Italy, Japan, Brazil, Qatar, China and the USA. ARIA is now a leading supplier of computerized modelling systems for the purpose of managing air quality resources and offers a wide range of tools, at all spatial scales, from building scale to continental scale. The technical solutions offered by ARIA are in daily operation in several countries worldwide, for studies and for the management of air quality resources.


ARIA Technologies develops a range of software systems widely used or approved by:

  • International or Governmental Agencies or Organizations such as the World Bank, Ministries of Environment in various countries (Israel, Tunisia, Romania), ADEME (the French EPA), CEA (the French Atomic Agency), CNES (the French Space Agency), DGA (French Department of Defence), US-DOD (Department of Defence)

  • Regional and Local authorities (e.g. Beijing, Roma, Rio or Paris municipalities, and most ARPAs in Italy through ARIANET Srl).

  • Main industrial players like EDF, TOTAL, ITALCEMENTI, RENAULT, SUEZ-Environnement, and others.

  • Laboratories and R&D organizations: CNRS/IPSL (France), INERIS (France), CRIEPI (Japan),NCAR (National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA)

ARIA Technologies, 8-10 rue de la Ferme
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